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   Bilingual dictionary

+ Multilingual dictionary

+ Explanatory dictionary

+ Analogical Dictionary

+ Thesaurus

+ Derivational dictionary


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    How to install Alexandria on your Website.

new : A Java application to insert Alexandria on all your HTML pages
(for Windows 98-2000-XP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Also called: linguistic engineering, computational linguistics.




+ Semantic networks

+ Structured data

+ Inflectional dictionary

+ syntactic patterns

   The Integral Dictionary




Take the Integral Dictionary. Add binary codes and algorithms. You obtain:

   Spell-checker (from phonetic rules, only for French and English)

+ POS tagger

+ Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD)

+ Query expanding

+ Reversed dictionary

+ Text Categorization Module

+ Text summarisation


For computer experts, we offer:
  • databases (morphology, translation, semantic net etc.)
  • sophisticated linguistic APIs.
  • dictionary, query expansion, etc.)
  • data banks (inflectional dictionary, query expansion, etc.)
  • sophisticated applications, like the Semiograph, generaly in java (spell checker from phonetic rules, part-of-speech tagger, text summary extraction)
  • out of the box and easy to install ASP services, like Alexandria.

As regards Natural Language Processing, you can benefit from our experience through consultation of our communications in French and English published by international scientific conferences websites (Computational Linguistics, European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Conférence internationale sur le Document Electronique, International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation...).


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