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How to install Alexandria

Easy install

1) Copy the code below (figure 1) in the "head" section (due to the css) of one of your html page.

2) Save your html page.

3) Double click on a word of your choice.

4) Congratulations! Your first install is a success.

Select the code

Figure 1

Foreign languages and your own vocabulary

Quick tour

1) Double-click on "foreign". If your browser is in English, short explanations appear in a window (problably, a deep article develop this first view).

2) But, concerning the word "Alexandria" the pop window appears without click. This is a term of my own. If I wish it, I can send the link between this term and my html page of explanation to my friend!

3) Last, what about the French word cheval"? Double-click on it. The translations to English will appear and you can change the target language to French to obtain the explanations in French!

4) Great! These three services (explanation, dynamic window managing your own vocabulary and e-learning add-on) are free for your website!

Additional benefits

1) Building traffic: when your visitors use Alexandria from you website, your site is automatically added to our gold list of site (that it's a page with a google rank of 6.

2) Keep your visitors: With Alexandria, your visitors do not leave your website to find a word elsewhere.

Special account

We can register to Alexandria as a customer. A registered customer could:

1) Modify the appearance of Alexandria, delete our advertisement, add its own for the lowest price of the market.

2) Resell Alexandria with benefits.

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